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The Photographic Society of Wojnicz Fotum was officially established on 29-09-2014. The society was established by a group of amateur photographers from the Photography Workshop, who wanted to create a platform allowing them to bring new ideas to life. Ever since the platform has made it possible for the members of the society to make photography projects come true.

The history of the Photographic Society of Wojnicz Fotum started much earlier with its origins coming from a Photography Workshop which had been launched in the town’s center of culture in 2000. Since that time it has been offering courses of photography for anyone interested. Throughout the years, the Photography Workshop has had many participants. And from the beginning the role of instructor has been taken by Krzysztof Stós, who is also one of the founders of the project.

The very first year of the Photography Workshop was completed with an exhibition presenting the photographic works of the course’s participants. Over the following years over a dozen exhibitions have taken place in a range of venues. Some of which have been unusual e.g. “Przystanek fotografia” (Bus stop: Photography) taking place in an operating city bus or “Fotokoncert” (Photoconcert) which was a combination of a photography presentation and a live rock concert. Also, throughout the years, the participants of the Photography Workshop successfully took part in many photo competitions around the world.

The Photography Workshop has been working continually and its doors are always open to all those who would like to learn the basics or deepen their knowledge of photography. Those participants who show themselves to be capable photographers are given the opportunity to join the Photographic Society of Wojnicz.

Photography is an art for those who are able to see more and for those for whom a picture is a means of expressing emotions. We, as a group, try to follow this idea. We take pictures showing reality, dreams, joy, sadness, harmony, chaos, love and hate, and any other thing which is interesting, important or extraordinary. We do this through a prism of our imagination, sensitivity and our own personal view of the world.

The spectrum of photographic works presented by the group is as broad as the sum of the authors’ experiences. And if someone looks upon one of our photographs, and it awakens in them the most tenuous emotions. We believe it has been worthwhile.

The Photographic Society of Wojnicz Fotum main activities:

  • Organizing the annual Wojnicz International Salon of Photography
  • Organizing individual and collective exhibitions
  • Organizing lectures and meetings
  • Organizing internal photo competitions
  • Organizing photo shootings
  • Studying and developing techniques of traditional and digital photography
  • Participation in national and international photography meetings
  • Art photography promotion












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