Award of Merit. Image of the Year 2017 Contest - Results

I'd like to show you the today letter from Photographic Society of America. In this letter, I've known My photo is one of the best images of PSA in 2017! Photo 'Pray' was awarded the 'Award of Merit' by PSA jury.


The text of the letter is

Dear Participant of the PID Image of the Year 2017 contest

Thank you for participating in the PID Image of the Year 2017 (IOY) contest.

It was a hard day for the judges during this year’s selection of the IOY competition. This year we have invited all winners of medals and awards named from the exhibition salons higher than Honorable Mention. Therefore we had significantly more eligible images. That did not make it easy to separate the ONE Image-of-the-Year.

686 authors were invited to upload totally 4053 images directly to the PSA website for the IOY contest. Finally we got 2172 images from 400 authors to compete in this most challenging competition of only highly awarded pictures. In the Color section 1297 pics were judged and in the monochrome section 875 pics. Finally each picture was worth to win an award but there can only be ONE “IMAGE OF THE YEAR”.

To honor the great number of outstanding images additional awards were given from the jury. One for every hundred images or part of it will get an “Award of Merit” in both color and monochrome section.

The final results are:

COLOR section:

Image of the Year:     Stifling by Li Yong Zhi (Australia)


  • Spotted Eagle Owl  by Livinus Bleyen, MPSA (Belgium)
  • Life Decisions by Petri Damstén, EPSA, BPSA (Finland)
  • Bridge in the morning by Göran Garberg (Sweden)
  • Proud Mary by Marianne Hoffmann, EPSA (Germany)
  • Girl in East Gallery by Karl Hokanson, PPSA (United States)
  • Franctic by Francis King, GMPSA (Canada)
  • Krishnakali by Debarshi Mukherjee (India)
  • Prisoned by Irina Skripnik (Ukraine)
  • Elegant Milkweed by Don Specht (United States)
  • Workstress by Marcel Van Balken, MPSA (Netherlands)
  • Train under Galaxy by Xu Xiaomei, MPSA (China)
  • Working Hard by Yeoh Fendy P.C., PPSA (Indonesia)
  • Colors by Bekir Yesiltas, PPSA (Turkey)


Image of the Year: Peek A Boo by Lynne Morris (Wales)


  • Daily Life by Avishek Das (India)
  • Looping by Joachim W Dettmer, FPSA, MPSA (Germany)
  • Bear Charge 43 Bw by Phillip Kwan, GMPSA/G, SPSA (Canada)
  • Confession 1 by Francis Nicoll, EPSA (Belgium)
  • EJ UPP by Martin Seraphin (Germany)
  • Girlfriends by Irina Skripnik (Ukraine)
  • Pray by Tatsiana Tsyhanova (Belarus)
  • Mister Mai by Marcel Van Balken, MPSA (Netherlands)
  • Determination by Alan Young (England)

Congratulation to the successful authors and thanks for taking part in the “Image of the Year 2017” contest.  We also hope to see your medal winning images from 2018 for a new chance next year.

It would be very kind if the award winners can inform me if they participate in this Year’s PSA Conference in Salt Lake City. Then we can hand out the awards directly during the conference. Otherwise the awards will be forwarded to you after the end of the conference by postal mail.

The official presentation of the Image-of-the-Year Awards will be during the PSA Conference in Salt Lake City, USA (October 3-6). After that the winning images will be published on the PSA website and in the January 2019 issue of the PSA Journal.

Best Regards
Helmut Foerster, EPSA
Director / PID Image of the Year 

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